Moving to a new city and country can be daunting. Your new neighbours want to further help you get settled and established, and connect you to your new community. The dinners are not only about sharing a meal together and tasting local foods, but are designed to warmly welcome you to your new city in hopes that a long lasting relationship will develop. It will also give you the opportunity to learn more about Canadian customs and culture. It’s a great way to expand and network beyond meeting other newcomers you may have already met.


9baec0_20d75c464e5b401da5aa3a9eb273183fWHY WOULD A LOCAL RESIDENT WANT TO HOST ME?

Many Canadians want to help and aren’t sure how. Also many residents have travelled and moved abroad themselves therefore they know first-hand what it is like to be new to a city and feel welcomed. Many simply enjoy cooking and meeting new people. There are many reasons why people in the city would want to have you in their homes so it’s yours to discover!


No! It’s absolutely free. However a general custom in Canada is to bring the    host a bottle of wine, some sweets/dessert, or some flowers (some type of gift). This is not necessary – just optional.

9baec0_9f56e2c158114a60b1af21b9182eb947WHAT’S ON THE MENU?

The host will be responsible for preparing a meal – in the sign up form, we will ask you what dietary restrictions you have e.g. vegetarian, halal, no alcohol, etc. This information will be communicated to your host. But the idea is for you and your family to taste new foods and get accustomed to what is eaten and served locally.


Don’t worry if everyone in your guest party cannot speak English. Gestures, body language, and even drawing can go a long way! It will help if there is at least one person that speaks conversational English. If not, you can request a translator (not guranteed).


Click here or click on the ‘sign up’ tab below and complete the sign up form. General questions will be asked such as how many people are in your party, do you have/need transport, what location you live in, food restrictions, etc.

Once completed, we will match you up with a host family, hopefully as close to your new neighbourhood as possible.  Please give 2-3 weeks for the matching process.

Your host will reach out to you and you can establish a date, time, and location for your welcome dinner.

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