Host Testimonials

“I hosted a dinne2r for a family of 5 (2 adults, 3 kids). The family was amazing, the communications facilitator provided who came to our dinner was amazing, the entire experience was amazing. They were such a kind and loving family. I hope to remain in contact – although the language was a bit of a barrier, you could see how much they are trying. Thank you so much to Syrian Welcome Dinners for organizing this. It is truly amazing to share experiences with and learn from others. A memory I will cherish.” – Lindsay & family, Toronto

“When I think back on our summer, having a loving Syrian family over to our home was definitely one of the highlights. We thought we’d be meeting people very different than ourselves and this dinner was an important reminder that we are all citizens but after meeting one another we realized how much we had in common.  The mutual respect and conversation was enlightening and it felt wonderful to open our home to a family that has been through so much 1hardship. It was particularly beautiful to see our children enjoy one another and delight in each others company despite language barriers. When it was time to say goodbye we didn’t want the evening to end.” – Jen & family, Toronto

“Our Syrian guests (family of 6) arrived for dinner…and the talk began immediately! We loved meeting them. In 1 1/2 years here in Canada they said they had never been in a Canadian home, so that was very touching that we were able to be the first and that this occasion would be so memorable for them. They seemed to enjoy the food, and not much was left over, so I guess they did! We really enjoyed it, and we may receive an invitation back for an Arabic meal. Thanks again for facilitating such an enlightening evening.” – Marlene & family, Toronto

Guest (Syrian Family) Testimonials

“It was great tkalen-ahmad-dinner-dec-3-16-smallo meet a nice family that hosted us for dinner. They were so happy to have us over. We sat and ate tasty halal food. My kids played with their kids in their garden. They spent a lovely day. The husband was so kind to prepare the dinner. He was a helpful man. We felt like we knew each other years ago. At the end we thanked them and wished to see them again. Thanks to Syrian Welcome Dinners for everything – we appreciate your efforts.” – Mayada & family, Etobicoke

“In January 2017 I attended a Syrian Welcome Dinner. I live alone in Canada and I’m still waiting for my wife and daughters to come over here. It’s an amazing initiative to tell us as newcomers that we are welcomed in Canada – Syrian Welcome Dinners communicated with me in a professional way and they try to get details which made me more comfortable. I believe in this creative organization as it really helps to come over our culture shock. It was a delicious halal dinner. I had a chance to meet a very nice family that hosted me. They also invited other friends of theirs to make the dinner more social. They were so exhilarated during the friendly conversation to know more about my family and my culture – they are kind people and it was very great to spend a day with all of them. At the end of the day, I felt like I had a new extended family in my new home Canada and I’m not a stranger anymore. The next month they were wondering if I could show them my resume to help with my job search. Later they invited me again to have a lunch together and discuss my resume. When I met them they explained to me how to write the resume to make it more clear and attractive – their bits of advice were extremely effective as they have  excellent experience in this field. I really appreciated that.” – Hisham, Mississauga

“My family and I, from Aleppo, were so excited to meet up with our Canadian hosts. We had a great lovely dinner with them! We really loved the ikaren-majeda-dinner-dec-3-16-smallerdea of this initiative and we thank Culture Link newcomers’ organization for spreading out the word and we thank Syrian Welcome Dinners for finding us these great hosts.  Our host family was extremely friendly and made us feel so welcomed to their house, we’ve spent such a great evening with them and enjoyed their company, thank you so much!” – Annie & family, Scarborough

“We were so welcomed by our Canadian hosts – it was so nice to talk with locals. This was our first time eating with a Canadian family – the food was delicious. My  family and I are grateful and will always remember this special occasion.” – Khalil & family, Toronto









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