Hosting a dinner for Syrian newcomers could make a positive impact on their integration into your society. It’s hard to imagine what it has been like for them, but if you want to contribute but aren’t sure how, a welcome dinner could be the perfect place to start!

By hosting them in your home, you can create a sense of community, providing them with an inviting and warm welcome into your city. You can also educate them on Canadian culture and customs, what Toronto has to offer, and encourage them to try new foods that you have prepared (being mindful of their dietary restrictions). It’s at the dinner table where connection happens and friendships develop.

9baec0_20d75c464e5b401da5aa3a9eb273183fWHAT’S ON THE MENU?

As the host, you will be responsible for preparing a meal – in the sign up form, we will be asking them what dietary restrictions they have e.g. vegetarian, halal, no alcohol, etc. This information will be communicated to you. But the idea is for you to prepare a meal that accomodates their dietary needs while still preparing something that is local or is typical fare in your household.


It is most likely that their level of English will be limited or have no level at all. But that’s ok! Communication can happen with imagery, drawings, gestures, and body language. However if you have a friend or family member that speaks Arabic, it would be suggested to invite them to your dinner as well. You can also request a translator (not guaranteed).

9baec0_9f56e2c158114a60b1af21b9182eb947HOW DO I SIGN UP?

Click here or click on the ‘sign up’ tab below and complete the sign up form. General questions will be asked such as how many people you can accomodate, what location you live in, food restrictions, etc.

Once completed, we will match you up with your guest(s), hopefully as close to your neighbourhood as possible.  Please give 2-3 weeks for the matching process.We will reach out to you and you can establish a date, time, and location for your welcome dinner.

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